Explore our online eveningwear boutique, where conscious glamour meets luxurious silk craftsmanship, redefining elegance for your special occasions. Immerse yourself in a collection designed to elevate your festive moments, featuring a stunning array of evening dresses and glamorous ensembles. At our atelier, we meticulously select the finest silk materials and employ masterful craftsmanship to ensure each piece embodies timeless allure.

Beyond a mere collection, we invite you to personalize your journey. Engage with our bespoke service, allowing direct collaboration with our designers to tailor your dream evening attire. Step into a world where sophistication harmonizes with individuality, and witness the magic of silk and skilled craftsmanship bringing your vision to life.

Infusing a sustainable touch into sophistication, our dresses are crafted with care in Berlin. We take pride not only in delivering quality and design but also in our commitment to responsible practices. Each dress is meticulously created upon request, emphasizing our dedication to fashion that is as conscious as it is beautiful.

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Tailor-Made Designer Clothing for Your Dreams:

Have you been dreaming of a perfectly fitted pantsuit or a blazer that leaves no room for compromise? Perhaps envisioning a flowing evening dress crafted from the finest silk fabrics? If so, DESIGN YOUR DRESS is tailor-made for you.

During a personalized appointment at our Berlin atelier, we delve into your vision of the perfect garment and the unique details that matter to you.

All these elements seamlessly integrate into the design process. When it comes to design and material selection, we consider not only your body shape and personal style but also the occasion for which you plan to wear your new attire, your budget, as well as the season and setting.

Upon placing the order, the initial fitting takes place with a trial fabric according to your measurements. Here, we adjust the fit and take note of any alteration requests. Subsequently, your original model is crafted with the utmost precision and is ready for the final fitting. DESIGN YOUR DRESS – and let your attire be as unique as you are.

A consultation appointment typically lasts 60 minutes and costs 50€, including VAT. If you desire a draft sketch, an additional fee of 50€ applies. This amount will be credited towards your dress when you place the order.

If you simply wish to explore without committing, feel free to book a complimentary 30-minute session.”

Schedule Your Personalized Consultation:

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