Elegantes Brautkleid Bridaldress Custommade Massanfertigung Berlin

The Story

Minimalist silk dresses for the modern bride

Our first collection of minimalist silk dresses was born in 2015 from the passion for haute couture and the clear design language of modern architecture.

This was particularly popular with women who were looking for a simple, high-quality designer dress for their wedding.

Instead of opulent, off-the-peg synthetic clothes, they wanted a modern and elegant appearance that would meet their highest demands for this special day.

Since then, our dresses have been the ideal solution for fashion-conscious women who are looking for timeless silk dresses of outstanding quality for festive occasions.


The Marriage of Modern Architecture with the Perfection of Haute Couture

Inspired by minimalism and the style elements of modern architecture, Magdalena Mayrock designs timeless silk dresses with clear silhouettes and an elegant, casual attitude with great attention to detail.

She artfully reduced geometric elements, subtle recesses and flowing shapes to the essentials. With sophisticated techniques of haute couture, such as hand-made folds, three-dimensional applications and the processing of the finest silk fabrics and feathers, Magdalena gives her creations luxurious sophistication and puristic flair in an elaborate handicraft.

Minimalistisches Designer Hochzeitskleid mit Schleierdetail

The Material

Sensual Flowing Silk for a Luxurious Wearing Experience

We make our clothes from 100% silk – in the outer fabric and in the lining!

We make the majority of our dresses from crepe de chine. Due to its elaborate manufacturing process, this type of silk is one of the best and most precious silks. We obtain our exclusive silks exclusively from qualified partners in Germany.

Why you will love the queen of yarns as much as we do

Silk is easy to wear and can hardly be felt on the skin.

Its luxurious character makes it ideal for festive occasions.

It is one of the strongest natural fibers, retains its shape and does not wrinkle much.

Silk fabric has a good insulating effect, cools in summer and keeps you warm in winter.

The natural fiber is ideal for sensitive skin.

The Comfort

Maximum Comfort Thanks to the Perfect Fit and Exclusive Materials

Our silk dresses accompany you comfortably through important moments so that you can relax and enjoy special occasions.

Breathable silk and discreet cutouts ensure an airy feel even at high temperatures.

Our cuts are designed in such a way that they flatter your figure and guarantee you freedom of movement.

In our studio and at our dealers you have the opportunity to try out our dresses and tailor the fit to your figure.

The Sustainability

Our commitment to responsible fashion

Longevity and Reusability

In addition to a particularly long service life due to our excellent production quality, we attach particular importance to reusability through the simple, elegant design, through combinable two-piece pieces and our customization service.

Resource-Saving Production

We do not have any overproduction, as our products are manufactured as required and material waste is recycled. We rely on slow fashion and focus on a limited range of timeless and seasonal clothes.

Natural Materials from Certified Dealers

With pure silk, we use 100% environmentally friendly natural fibers in the manufacture of our clothes. In contrast to synthetic materials, silk is biodegradable and does not leave behind any microplastics.

Regional and Fair

For us, responsible fashion also includes social justice with fair pay and pleasant working conditions. That is why we produce exclusively in Germany and Poland with qualified partners.




The Designer

Magdalena Mayrock discovered her passion for fashion as a child. After studying fashion design at the HTW Berlin, she worked for well-known German companies such as Dawid Tomaszewski and Michalsky, where she perfected her expertise in the techniques and materials of haute couture.

Her striving for creative perfection quickly led Magdalena on her own path. In 2015 she founded her eponymous fashion company in Berlin, which has been growing steadily ever since.

Her high-quality silk dresses are already available in fine shops in Germany and Switzerland and are not only popular with German celebrities on the red carpet, but have also been very well received in Hollywood. In 2019, Magdalena was presented as a Berlin design talent at the Growhouses Exhibition of Berlin Fashion Week.