Relove your dress

Your dress is not just an outfit for a special occasion, but a part of your history, your memories, and your personality. At our place, we understand the emotional significance of a garment and aim for it to be more than just a one-time wear.

With our ‘Relove Your Dress’ service, we offer you the opportunity to transform your wedding or evening gown into a timeless favorite that can be worn beyond the celebration.

Sustainability and resource conservation are important to us. Through various customization and alteration options, you can restyle and tailor your dress to perfectly match your personal style and various occasions. Your dress will not only become a part of your favorite wardrobe but also a symbol of the continuation of your story.


Our garments are versatile and can be paired with various accessories or other pieces from the collection to create a completely new look depending on the occasion. Our timeless and minimalist design offers numerous styling possibilities. We’re happy to assist you with our styling tips on your journey to achieve your individual look.


If your dress has become too large or too tight, our experienced team is ready to adjust the garment according to your wishes and provide you with a perfect wearing experience. We understand that the fit is crucial and want to ensure that your dress not only looks beautiful but also fits perfectly. Trust us to bring your favorite pieces back to life and tailor them to fit you perfectly.


Do you want to turn your long dress into a short one or have a skirt made from it? Then we’re happy to take care of it for you and provide our expertise. Our experienced team will carefully consider your wishes and transform the garment accordingly. Whether it’s adjusting the length, creating new cuts, or making other individual modifications – we ensure that your garment matches your vision exactly. Additionally, we’ll be there to advise you throughout the entire process to ensure that the result perfectly suits your style and needs.


Our dresses are primarily crafted from natural materials, providing you with the option to have your wedding or evening gown dyed after the fact. We’re happy to recommend companies specializing in this service. However, please note that the result cannot be guaranteed, and your garment may potentially change its shape. We’re pleased to provide you with a piece of the fabric your dress is made of so you can try out this service.

Additionally, you have the option to give your dress a new look with small color accents.


Visit our Berlin Atelier or one of our partner locations and receive personalized guidance. During your appointment, immerse yourself in the opportunity to try on our dresses or collaborate with our designer to bring your unique vision to life.