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Unleash your creativity with our exclusive service ‘Design Your Dress’.

We understand that every occasion is unique and that your outfit should perfectly embody that special feeling. With our expertise and attention to detail, we strive to surpass your expectations and create a dress that reflects your personality and style.

Design your dream dress with us, without any compromises, and have it tailored to perfection.

With ‘Design Your Dress,’ you have the chance to customize every aspect of your gown, from the silhouette to the fabric to the embellishments. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process, ensuring that your dream dress perfectly aligns with your vision.

Ready to design your unique dress? Contact us today to take your first step towards your tailor-made dream gown. We look forward to bringing your vision to life.

Our Vision

Our vision for more sustainable and personalized fashion.

Our vision is to emphasize the individuality of each garment, in harmony with the uniqueness of every customer. We believe that clothing is not merely a material object but an expression of each individual’s personality and style. Therefore, we prioritize producing resource-efficient garments, sourcing materials as needed to avoid overproduction and waste.

In our Berlin-based atelier, we craft each piece individually, taking into account the desires and needs of our customers. With this approach, we aim not only to minimize impulse purchases but also to ensure that each customer receives a perfectly fitting and unique garment. This approach also helps us largely eliminate returns, which is not only environmentally but also economically sustainable.

For years, our collection has represented high-quality and elegant bridal and evening wear, meeting the highest standards. Alongside timeless design, we prioritize resource-efficient production. That’s why each garment is crafted individually in our Berlin atelier, using materials of natural origin, particularly silk, which we source from certified partners.



The fusion of modern design with the perfection of haute couture.

Our designer, Magdalena Mayrock, specializes in minimalist design. She creates garments that are both timeless and expressive. From clean lines to voluminous ruffles and statement sleeves, every detail is carefully planned and executed to accentuate the personality and style of our clients.

Your Tailored Experience

With ‘Design Your Dress,’ you have the opportunity to personalize every aspect of your gown – from the silhouette to the fabric to the embellishments. Our experienced team will be there for you throughout the entire process, ensuring that your dream dress matches your desires down to the smallest detail.

The Craft

The art of couture craftsmanship

In a world constantly evolving and shaped by technological progress, there’s something timeless and magical about handmade garments. In our pursuit of quality and excellence, we rely on traditional haute couture techniques, which represent a heritage of craftsmanship and imbue each garment with a unique personality.

From hand-placed pleats to French seams: The art of haute couture.

Our Atelier is a place of dedication and precision, where every movement is executed with care. From hand-placed pleats to intricate drapery, delicate embroidery, and French seams – each technique requires not only craftsmanship but also a deep connection to the craft.

The art of hand-placed pleats gives structure and volume to our garments, while intricate drapery shapes the silhouette and adds movement. Embroideries, lovingly applied by skilled hands, tell stories and lend each piece a unique touch. And French seams, along with other hand-sewing techniques, ensure not only flawless finishing but also unparalleled durability and comfort.

In a world dominated by mass production and fast fashion, we embrace the heritage of craftsmanship and the artistry of haute couture. Our garments are not mere fashion items but creations meant to stand the test of time. At the core of our work lies appreciation for craftsmanship, our environment, and the incomparable beauty of handmade fashion.

Minimalistisches Designer Hochzeitskleid mit Schleierdetail

The Material

The selection of the finest silk fabrics for a luxurious wearing experience.

Another hallmark of our craftsmanship is the use of the finest silk fabrics. These noble materials are carefully chosen not only to ensure a luxurious wearing experience but also to emphasize the timeless elegance and beauty of our garments. The delicate texture and silky sheen of silk perfectly complement haute couture techniques, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication to each piece.

The majority of our silk dresses are crafted from Crepe de Chine silk, one of the finest and most valuable silk varieties due to its intricate manufacturing process. We use 100% silk both in the outer fabric and lining of our dresses. Our exclusive silk is sourced solely from certified partners in Germany, and we are confident that you will appreciate the queen of yarns as much as we do.

Silk is not only lightweight and pleasant against the skin but also ideal for festive occasions. As one of the strongest natural fibers, it retains its shape and wrinkles minimally. Silk fabric also offers excellent insulation, cooling in summer and warming in winter. Due to its natural properties, silk is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Immerse yourself in a luxurious wearing experience with our exquisite silk dresses.

The Comfort

Our silk dresses offer you maximum comfort, allowing you to enjoy your day with ease. With breathable silk and subtle cutouts, you’ll experience a breezy feeling even in high temperatures.

The cuts of our dresses are designed not only to flatter but also to ensure unrestricted movement. As part of our ‘Design Your Dress’ service, after the design comes the development of the pattern based on your measurements. This pattern is then checked during the first fitting with a sample dress. During this initial fitting, you have the opportunity to make changes to the details and adjust the fit according to your preferences before your dress is crafted from the original fabric. This way, you experience a tailored comfort for your unique moment.

Relove your dress

A dress for eternity.

We believe that your dress should not only be made for the special occasion but should also become a part of your memories and your story. That’s why we offer our ‘Relove Your Dress’ service, giving you the opportunity to adapt your dress even after the celebration, making it a timeless piece in your favorite wardrobe.

Ready to design your unique dress? Contact us today to take your first step towards your tailor-made dream gown. We look forward to bringing your vision to life.

The Sustainability

Sustainability in Fashion:

Our Commitment


Our commitment to sustainable fashion rests on two core principles: longevity and reusability. The exceptional craftsmanship of our products not only ensures a notably extended lifespan but also offers the potential for reuse.


An integral aspect of our sustainability strategy lies in the straightforward, elegant design of our clothing. Through mix-and-match separates and our customization service, we actively promote reusability, empowering our customers to personalize their wardrobes to suit their individual tastes.


Our production methods adhere to a resource-efficient ethos. By tailoring production to demand and implementing material waste recycling, we sidestep overproduction and reduce our ecological footprint. Our commitment centers on Slow Fashion, emphasizing a thoughtful selection of both timeless classics and seasonal pieces.


Integral to our sustainability philosophy is the utilization of natural materials sourced from certified vendors. Opting for pure silk means we are dedicated to 100% environmentally friendly natural fibers that, in contrast to synthetic materials, biodegrade without leaving behind microplastics.


To us, responsible fashion also embodies social justice. Consequently, our production is exclusively carried out in our Berlin atelier. Through fair compensation and comfortable working conditions, we actively contribute to ensuring that every stage of the production chain adheres to ethical principles.




The Designer

Magdalena Mayrock’s passion for fashion, art, and the intricate techniques of haute couture ignited from her early years. Following her fashion design studies at HTW Berlin, she expanded her expertise in haute couture techniques and materials through engagements with renowned German companies.

Propelled by her pursuit of design perfection, Magdalena eventually embarked on the path of entrepreneurship. In 2017, she established her own fashion company in Berlin, specializing in crafting modern silk bridal and evening dresses.

Her exclusive silk dresses are now available in meticulously chosen stores across Germany. Magdalena Mayrock’s designs have not only received acclaim on the red carpets of German celebrities but also resonate with great popularity in Hollywood. Recognized as a Berlin design talent, Magdalena earned accolades in 2019 at the Growhouses Exhibition during Berlin Fashion Week.