A Romantic Bridal Fashion Collection with Minimalist Elegance.

The ROMANTIC REBELLS collection celebrates resilient, rebellious, and self-assured women. The interplay of flowing silk and lace fabrics creates a captivating contrast, infusing the collection with an essence of romance and weightless beauty. Architecturally-inspired flounces, Haute Couture fabrics, and techniques weave through every piece, offering brides a diverse selection of modern wedding dresses and two-piece ensembles for their special day in life.

Minimalistisches Designer Hochzeitskleid Massanfertigung Berlin

Magdalena Mayrock Bridal Couture

Custom Wedding Dresses for Your Special Day

Discover unique elegance with our custom wedding dresses. Each dress is a couture masterpiece, meticulously crafted from delicate silk in our atelier in the heart of Berlin. It’s your opportunity to collaborate with our designer and create an unparalleled gown. Schedule your appointment today and experience the exclusivity of tailored bridal fashion at MAGDALENA MAYROCK.

A consultation typically lasts 60 minutes and costs €50, including VAT. If you desire an exclusive design sketch, an additional fee of €50 will apply. This amount will be deducted from the total when you place your order for the dress.

If you just want to browse for now, feel free to book a complimentary 30-minute appointment.


Visit our Berlin Atelier or one of our partner locations and receive personalized guidance. During your appointment, immerse yourself in the opportunity to try on our dresses or collaborate with our designer to bring your unique vision to life.