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Elegantes Brautkleid Bridaldress Custommade Massanfertigung Berlin


Unleash your creativity with our exclusive service ‘Design Your Dress’.

We understand that every occasion is unique and that your outfit should perfectly embody that special feeling. With our expertise and attention to detail, we strive to surpass your expectations and create a dress that reflects your personality and style.

Design your dream dress with us, without any compromises, and have it tailored to perfection.

With ‘Design Your Dress,’ you have the chance to customize every aspect of your gown, from the silhouette to the fabric to the embellishments. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process, ensuring that your dream dress perfectly aligns with your vision.

Ready to design your unique dress? Contact us today to take your first step towards your tailor-made dream gown. We look forward to bringing your vision to life.

Your Dream Dress Awaits: Explore our collection of modern bridal and evening dresses or embrace minimalist bespoke elegance with our Design & Couture Service.


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of our modern silk bridal gowns and minimalist evening dresses.

For us, it’s not just about luxury; it’s about the artistry of couture techniques that lend each dress a unique touch. Our passion for craftsmanship perfection is evident in every stitch, and we prioritize flawless fit and craftsmanship.

Every piece we create is crafted with dedication and care in Berlin, where we honor the tradition of couture while simultaneously pushing the boundaries with innovative and minimalist designs. We understand that every detail matters when it comes to enhancing the elegance of our clients.

You have the choice: select from our meticulously curated collection of modern wedding and evening dresses or draw inspiration to collaboratively create an entirely new, bespoke masterpiece. An elegant dress that not only reflects your personality but also meets the highest standards of quality and style. Your unforgettable journey towards timeless beauty begins here.

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Voices of Elegance: Read What Our Clients Have to Say About Their Couture Experience

As much as Berlin has many offerings coming to wedding dress shopping, most of the shops are lacking the personal touch. I met Magdalena on this search and was very happy to do so, as she not only beautifully merges her design with the dress you envision for yourself but also accompanies you on the journey. I have found out midst of the design process that I am pregnant and she kindly organized try-ons and finishing my dress according to my timeline. So the dress fit perfectly on the big day and I felt very comfortable in it. She has a very clean line, the dresses have a timeless cut and elegance to them. Additionally, she chooses high quality materials, in which you also feel good and stay in shape during the day. After a wedding day outdoors in a Spanish Castello the dress barely looks worn.
She shows up everytime with a very calming presence and is very open to work with the feedback received. She has a beautiful kindness to her. Would be happy to work with her again, as also her gowns are extremely beautiful.
My heartfelt welcome goes out again to you, Magdalena!


Magdalena’s atelier was the first bridal boutique I went into and it was love at first sight — I didn’t look elsewhere! Magdalena is warm, kind, caring and extremely patient; she has a love of beautiful fabrics and clean lines, and that resonated instantly with me. The dress I chose was actually something Magdalena recommended — she has exquisite taste and an eye for what will look good on any given person. I am so grateful that I discovered her atelier and the wonderful person that Magdalena is, every time I went to her atelier I felt as if I was greeting an old friend. Can only recommend.

I wish I could get married again and go through the creation process with Magdalena again 🙂 I had been to quite a few bridal shops and ateliers in Paris and Berlin before I met Magdalena, and what I saw there never felt 100% me and just added more confusion. Half-tailored dresses with few adjustment possibilities were also extremely costly and the fabric was often not worth it. When I saw Magdalena’s work I knew her style was more modern and graphic but she had the same love for beautiful silk as me and an amazing taste. I wanted something classical and timeless with a twist and all I could find was either bohemian styles or overloaded princess dresses. Magdalena understood immediately what I was looking for and had an instant solution to the challenge I had been facing until now: combining luxurious soft flowing silk fabric with a certain level of volume and structure. I was at the intersection of two different bridal styles but she nailed it right at the beginning. She drew me some sketches with a few possible options and from that point on we could start creating my very personal and unique wedding dress 🙂 I will also add that I wanted to include some details of vintage Irish lace in my dress as a wink to my irish husband and she was absolutely on board with the idea and helped me find the right garments for it. She is extremely nice to to work with and offers the perfect mix of openness to ideas and guidance in terms of creation and fabrication. It is an absolutely unique thing in life to create a dress from scratch and I would recommend anyone to work with Magdalena. Thank you for everything liebe Magdalena!



Visit our Berlin Atelier or one of our partner locations and receive personalized guidance. During your appointment, immerse yourself in the opportunity to try on our dresses or collaborate with our designer to bring your unique vision to life.