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Magdalena Mayrock Bridal Couture

Custom Wedding Dresses for Your Special Day

Discover unique elegance with our custom wedding dresses. Each dress is a couture masterpiece, meticulously crafted from delicate silk in our atelier in the heart of Berlin. It’s your opportunity to collaborate with our designer and create an unparalleled gown. Schedule your appointment today and experience the exclusivity of tailored bridal fashion at MAGDALENA MAYROCK.

A consultation typically lasts 60 minutes and costs €50, including VAT. If you desire an exclusive design sketch, an additional fee of €50 will apply. This amount will be deducted from the total when you place your order for the dress.

If you just want to browse for now, feel free to book a complimentary 30-minute appointment.

The consultation appointment

Discover Uniqueness: The Beginning of Your Custom Designer Wedding Dress.

In the initial consultation, you share your vision for your dream bridal gown with us, discuss specific details that matter to you, and feel free to bring photos of silhouettes or details you love.

During our appointment, you also have the opportunity to try on all dresses and separates from our bridal collection, drawing inspiration for your own gown.

The choice of material plays a significant role in the creation of your tailored wedding dress. We primarily use silk for custom fittings, obtaining it in various colors and weights from renowned heritage houses.

For lace details, you have various options from our French lace supplier. It’s helpful if you’ve already considered whether you prefer delicate floral lace or simple graphic lace.

To conclude, we bring your dress to life with a design sketch. In addition to your style and figure, we take into account the season of your wedding celebration, the ceremony location, and your budget in designing your unique bridal gown.

If you are certain during the consultation that you want to commission a custom dress, we can also take your measurements right away.

For a long custom-made wedding gown, you should budget at least €2500. Short dresses can be realized starting from €1200. After our initial appointment, we would be happy to provide you with a detailed quote. We will consider your budget and offer alternatives in terms of material selection and design.






















Tailored Elegance: Unveiling the Splendor of Your Unique Wedding Gown at Our Berlin Atelier.

After our initial appointment, we commence the realization of your wedding gown at our Berlin Atelier. Utilizing your measurements, we create a precise paper pattern, laying the foundation for your unique bridal dress. Subsequently, we craft a sample dress tailored to your measurements using a trial fabric.

During the first fitting, we dedicate time to perfect the fit down to the smallest detail. The sample dress represents the initial realization of your design, allowing you to form a concrete vision of your wedding gown. This is the opportune moment to refine details and express specific preferences regarding silhouette, details, and fit.

For the fitting, it’s highly beneficial if you wear the same undergarments that you plan to wear on your wedding day. Seamless, skin-colored underwear is ideal. If you’re considering dresses with an open back, it’s recommended to have a bra that sits lower or is only attached at the front. We’re here to offer guidance and assistance.






















The Enchanting Moment: Your Debut in the Exquisite Designer Wedding Gown

The second fitting is often an especially emotional experience for many of our clients. It marks the first moment when you see yourself in your wedding gown, offering a glimpse into your upcoming wedding day. At this stage, only a few minor adjustments are typically needed, primarily focusing on the length of the dress.

We encourage you to bring a familiar person with you to the fittings at our Berlin Atelier. We recommend a maximum of two accompanying individuals to ensure a clear consensus and avoid unnecessary uncertainties.

At this appointment, it is vital for you to bring along your bridal shoes. This ensures that we can precisely tailor the hem to the correct length, guaranteeing a flawless fit for your wedding dress.






















Bridal Couture Perfected: Your Tailored Designer Wedding Gown is Ready

After careful hemming and fine-tuning of the last details, your dress is now ready for pick-up.

If it’s not possible for you to come in person, we also gladly offer insured shipping for your dress.

Crafting a one-of-a-kind piece brings us immense joy. A dress without compromises, ensuring the bride maximum comfort on her wedding day, precisely meeting her expectations. Explore more about our customers’ experiences by browsing through our reviews.

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In addition to our custom-made designs, we also provide the option of made-to-measure adjustments. This is available for all dresses from our collections. The selected dress is precisely tailored to your measurements. Made-to-measure adjustments are less time-consuming and costly, requiring only one fitting.

If you have additional inquiries regarding custom tailoring, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. While we strive to fulfill all dreams, it’s essential to plan accordingly. Please be mindful that during peak seasons, our capacities are limited. We suggest allowing a lead time of at least 3 months for the personalized customization of your designer wedding dress.





















Relove your dress

Your wedding dress after the wedding.

If You Plan to Wear Your Wedding Dress Beyond the Celebration:

Explore the versatility of our designer dresses by combining them with various accessories or other collection pieces to achieve a completely fresh look. Our timeless and minimalist designs offer diverse styling possibilities. We’re here to provide styling guidance or connect you with a sustainable styling consultant to seamlessly integrate your dress into your everyday wardrobe.

Should your wedding dress become too loose or tight, we offer the option to have it expertly refitted for a perfect fit.

Transform your long gown into a shorter style or create a stylish skirt—we’re here to assist you in making these personalized alterations.

Given that we primarily use natural materials, you have the unique opportunity to dye your wedding dress post-celebration. We can recommend specialized companies for this service, though it’s important to note that outcomes are not guaranteed, and there may be changes in the garment’s shape. Feel free to request a sample of your dress material to test this service.

Additionally, consider rejuvenating your dress with subtle color accents. We can integrate colored details, replace individual components, or overlay a light fabric for a refreshed appearance.


Visit our Berlin Atelier or one of our partner locations and receive personalized guidance. During your appointment, immerse yourself in the opportunity to try on our dresses or collaborate with our designer to bring your unique vision to life.