Custom-made bridal dresses

your unique designer wedding dress 


Your exclusive wedding dress – made to measure

A bespoke wedding dress is a special little luxury for that special day in your life. A unique piece, according to your ideas, paired with our modern and minimalist design in a perfect fit.

Arrange an individual appointment and let us advise you on your perfect wedding dress in a relaxed atmosphere. During our consultation we will discuss all the details that will help us to create your perfect wedding dress.

The first fitting takes place after placing the order with a trial dress according to your measurements, in which we can adjust the fit and include change requests. The original model is then manufactured and can finally be tried on.

A consultation appointment usually lasts 60 minutes and costs 50€ including VAT. If you want a sketch of your dress, we can make an additional sketch for you for 50€. The amount will be deducted from your dress when you place an order.

If you just want to take a look, you can also book a free appointment of 30 minutes.

The consultation appointment

The first step towards your unique item

At our first consultation, you tell us about your idea of ​​your perfect wedding dress and the special features and details that are particularly important to you. Photos of silhouettes or details that you like are helpful. You may also already have an exact idea of ​​how your dress should fall. Whether it should have a flowing silhouette or something stand is desired.

You also have the opportunity to try on all dresses and two-pieces from our bridal collection at our appointment.

The material plays a very important role in the development of your wedding dress. We mainly use silk for custom-made products. We obtain these in various colors and weights from renowned traditional houses.

If you want to use lace in your dress, we can also offer you a variety of different laces from our French lace supplier. It is very helpful if you have already thought about whether you prefer a delicate floral lace or whether you tend to use a simple graphic lace.

In addition to your type and figure, we also take into account the season of your wedding celebration, the location of the wedding and your budget when designing your wedding dress.

If you are already sure by our appointment that you are commissioning a custom-made product, we will also take your measurements on the occasion.

For a custom-made wedding dress you should calculate at least 2500€. After our first appointment, we will be happy to make you a detailed offer. We are happy to take your budget into account and offer you alternatives in terms of material choice and design.






















Your way to the perfect wedding dress

After our first appointment, we will start implementing your dress in our Berlin studio. Based on your measurements, a paper cut is made and thus the basis for your dress is created. Then we will make a test dress according to your measurements from a sample material.

When trying on the dress for the first time, we have the option of adapting the fit to the sample dress down to the last detail. It is the first realization of the design that gives you the opportunity to get a better idea of your wedding dress. Here you have the opportunity to change details or express wishes that are important to you in terms of silhouette, details and fit.

For the fit, it is very helpful if you are already wearing the underwear on this date that you will also wear on your wedding day. Seamless underwear in skin color is ideal. For dresses with an open back, you need a bra that is closed lower or is only attached to the front. We would be happy to advise you.


You see yourself for the first time in your final wedding dress

For many of our customers, the second try-on is a very special moment. You see yourself in your wedding dress for the first time and thus get a small preview of your wedding day. Only a few details need to be adjusted during this fitting. Most importantly, the length of the dress is adjusted.

You are welcome to bring someone you trust with you to the fittings. We recommend a maximum of two people so that you are not unsettled by too many individual opinions.

At this appointment it is very important that you have your bridal shoes with you so that we can shorten the hem to the correct length.










































Your exclusive wedding dress is ready

After your dress has been hemmed and all final small changes made, you can pick up your dress.

If you are unable to come by again, we can also send you the dress insured.

We particularly enjoy designing a unique piece. A dress that leaves no room for compromise and offers the bride maximum comfort on her wedding day and corresponds exactly to how she imagined it. Feel free to browse our reviews and find out more about how our customers have felt while working with us.

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In addition to our custom-made products, we also offer customization. This is possible with all dresses from our collections. The selected dress will be adapted to your measurements. Adjusting the dress is less time-consuming and costly and only requires one fitting.

If you have any questions about custom-made bridal dresses, please send us a message.

We try to realize all dream dresses of our customers.

We recommend a lead time of minimum 3 month for a custom-made product.

Make your appointment now

Visit us in our Berlin studio or at one of our sales partners and let us advise you individually. During your appointment you have the opportunity to try on our dresses or to have your dress designed according to your individual ideas together with the designer.